Scott Ainslie
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Actin' Up: Juke Joint & Holy Blues

Renowned guitarist Ernie Hawkins and I are developing an evening of acoustic blues stories and songs focusing on the music of Reverend Gary Davis and Robert Johnson, among others. We are rehearsing in early December and will travel to D.C. for an interview with Bill Wax of XM Radio for his Bluesville programs. Promotional onesheet on Actin' Up: Joint & Holy Blues

Winter gigs in VT, MA, NY, NC, SC VA, OH, FL and Glasgow, Scotland -- The Celtic Connections Festival.

Scott's calendar is now hosted by Developed by his wife Barb Ackemann of, gigcal allows performers to maintain their own gig calendars and easily submit them to Dirty Linen and We are looking for a few more beta testers. See and try out the demo or email Barb at

BluesNotes article on Florida Turpentine Camps

My travels this spring took me back to Florida, where I met friends of Stetson Kennedy who put me on his trail.

Having myself been drawn into Florida folklife by Dwight DeVane’s field recordings of Emmett Murray (where I learned the title cut for my third CD, a turpentine camp song: “You Better Lie Down,”), I came home from Florida and ordered all Kennedy’s books and am working my way through them now. Kennedy infiltrated the Klan and published “The Klan Unmasked” in 1954. That’s number two on my list. He is a fellow who has walked the walk.

Drawn from his work with the WPA between 1937 and 1942, “Palmetto Country” contains an entire chapter on “Turpmtine.” read more

Delta Blues Guitar Secrets
Now Available on DVD

Brattleboro, VT (November 24, 2005) Eric Clapton called him, “The most important blues musician who ever lived.” The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richard, and Led Zepplin’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page cited him as a formative influence. Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson died in 1938, but his recordings continue to inspire rock and blues musicians. Now, his guitar techniques are influencing the wired generation in a new DVD lesson, Robert Johnson (Hal Leonard Guitar Signature Licks, 2005) taught by blues musician and historian Scott Ainslie, available in stores and online at read more

R. Montgomery writes: "Scott: your Robert Johnson DVD is the best instructional video I have seen. I only recently discovered Johnson and "delta blues" and now I can't get enough. Your instruction is great, particulary since I only play by ear."

Don't Obey: Anthem to Non-Violence

You can still download a full mp3 of Don't Obey which is on a list of anti-war songs on Neil Young's website and is included along with 2 other songs from The Feral Crow in the Political Song Archive at Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland.

Musicians Union Continues Boycott of Delta Airlines

(Brattleboro, VT – July 10th, 2006) The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) continues to call on all travelers who play and or love music to boycott Delta Airlines. Despite pleas from working musicians and the AFM, Delta continues to prohibit musicians from placing their instruments in overhead compartments, even when there is room for them.
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